Boat capsize in Illinois, kayak capsizes on lake

A boat capsizes in Illinois.

The Kayak Association says a kayaker is in the hospital and that there were no injuries.

A state official says it appears the boat capsized and there were only two people aboard.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources says the boat had been docked in the Lake of the Ozarks and was carrying four people, including a dog.

The National Park Service says a person on board the kayak died.

A photo posted to Facebook shows a boat in distress in Lake of a Lake of Lakes.

(Facebook/Kayak Association)A man on a kayaking trip on Lake of Lake of Bays, Illinois, says he lost his boat on the lake and that his kayak sank about 100 yards into the water.

A kayak cap was on the bottom of the lake, and the boat was not anchored, he said.

The National Park service says it is working with authorities to investigate the incident.

A National Park official said a man has been rescued from the lake.

We are currently interviewing him, he told AP.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.