How a father rescued his child from a boat crash

A father who went to a rescue boat to save his son after a crash on a lake has become a hero for the rescue effort.

John Clements, of St. Louis, Missouri, was riding his son’s kayak from a local boat launch to the lake when he saw the boat’s propeller blades fly into the water and a large wave hit the boat.

The boat was flipped over and he said he was trying to stop it from sinking, but the force of the impact knocked him over.

He was able to keep the boat upright.

John was able at first to get the boat back upright, but when he looked back to see the waves were rising and the boat was starting to move, he said the kayak broke and fell into the lake.

He managed to swim to the shore to rescue his son, who was not wearing a life jacket, and called 911 to report the incident.

He said the boat overturned because the motor was off.

The kayak had no engine.

“It’s hard to describe how awesome it is to be able to walk away from a situation like this,” John said.

“This is one of those moments where it’s like you’re on your way to your job, you know, you’ve got a lot of other things to do and you can’t stop thinking about what’s going to happen.

And I can’t wait to get back on the boat.”