How to find a rental for your penthouse

Fox Sports reports that if you have the right deal, you could rent a $2 million penthouse in a posh hotel in Beverly Hills for $3,000 a night.

The penthouse is in the former home of Robert De Niro’s wife, who is currently on the film set.

The property sits on a corner lot, with its own swimming pool and spa.

Fox reports that the $2.5 million pent house, a penthouse suite, and the pool are on the market for $2,200 a night for one bedroom.

A separate unit is listed for $1,500 a night, which is the same price as a pent house.

A penthouse, a three-bedroom, five-bathroom, four-bedroom condo is listed at $2 per square foot.

The listing says that the home has been converted into a private dining area and a lounge.

The home is a pentamodern penthouse and was built in 2005.

The penthouse features a granite countertop, stainless steel appliances, wood floors, and a master bedroom, which overlooks the pool.

The property is owned by the Los Angeles-based Realtor.

You can also rent it for $6,500.