Man, 28, arrested after allegedly threatening co-workers with a gun

The 28-year-old man arrested for allegedly threatening his co-worker and threatening to shoot his girlfriend with a firearm has been charged with threatening and intimidating a public servant.

The charge comes after the employee told police he was threatened with a weapon by the suspect.

The suspect is a 29-year old from San Francisco.

Police say he is a former Marine and a member of the military.

The victim told police she and her co-plaintiff were at a friend’s apartment building in San Francisco when she found the suspect in the hallway.

The man allegedly threatened to shoot the victim’s friend, who then ran upstairs to a neighbor’s apartment.

He also allegedly told her she was too scared to come back.

The accused told the neighbor he could not leave his apartment without permission.

The woman told police the suspect told her he was an army veteran who was stationed in Afghanistan and wanted to fight for ISIS.

Police arrested the suspect at his home on Sunday.

A warrant for the man’s arrest was issued on Monday.

He is being held on $250,000 bail.