Melbourne house prices in ‘bubble’ for first time since 2009

A new report from property agent CoreLogic has found Melbourne’s house prices are “in a bubble” with a median price of $1.5 million.

The Melbourne Property Council said it was a sign the market was in the midst of a “transition” and said there was a “need to look at ways to keep prices stable and affordable”.

A house in Melbourne’s CBD in December 2009.

The report found the median house price had risen to $1,535,838 last year from $1:1,567,500 in 2017, a 20 per cent increase in just eight years.

It also said Melbourne’s population was growing and many properties were being snapped up by investors.

“This report shows that a strong economic recovery is driving price increases,” CoreLogics managing director Nicky Doolan said.

“The market has continued to struggle in recent years, as a result of weak fundamentals and the rapid transition from the mining boom.”

Despite the strong economic outlook, it is important to recognise that these trends are being driven by a number of factors, including a continued tightening of supply and a sharp increase in demand.

“CoreLogics has been working with the ABC to help the media understand the housing market.

CoreData has a number on its website that allows you to compare home prices across different parts of Australia and the global market.

It is a snapshot of the housing markets in Australia.

There are a number options for consumers to view their current prices and how much they are paying for their property.

To view the CoreLogicas median price for your home, click here.

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