Rent assistance in OHIO

Rent assistance is available in Ohio, but not for everyone.

According to the state Department of Housing and Community Development, a full-time worker can only receive $300 in rent assistance per year, which is capped at $2,500 per month for a family of three.

“The state will not provide any rent assistance assistance for single persons,” reads the department’s website.

But a recent study found that some Ohio families receive rent assistance for as little as $200 per month.

A study by the Urban Institute also found that in 2016, nearly 40 percent of Ohio renters received rent assistance.

Rent assistance was also offered to single parents, and it is offered for families with children.

“In most instances, rent assistance provides a means for families to reduce their housing costs and help pay for their rent, including utilities, rent-controlled housing, and a down payment,” the study states.

According a 2016 report from the U.S. Census Bureau, Ohioans receive a total of $1,095 per month in rent aid, or $6.15 per day.

That amount covers only the cost of rent and utilities, but does not include taxes, insurance, or other expenses.

The federal government also provides financial assistance for renters.

It provides up to $2.5 million in low-income housing assistance for households making up to three percent of the federal poverty level.

“Most households in Ohio receive at least some rent assistance,” according to the HUD website.

However, a study by Cleveland Clinic found that more than 20 percent of households in the state receive less than $2 per day in rent support.

The Ohio State Housing Development Authority also offers rent assistance to people who qualify.

However the agency is also open to receiving applications for the help.

“We are open to providing rent assistance if we see that we are not meeting the criteria for the program,” says the agency’s website, but it doesn’t provide details about what qualifies for rent assistance or how much it can receive.

In addition to the rent assistance, some renters have other forms of financial assistance.

A report by the Ohio Department of Economic and Community Services found that about 3 percent of renters in Ohio received financial assistance from their credit card company.

“Rent assistance programs, including rent subsidies, are generally provided to eligible low- and moderate-income renters,” reads an Ohio Department on Aging website.

“Other forms of assistance include financial counseling, job search assistance, and emergency rent assistance.”

Rent assistance for Ohio renters was also available for low-wage workers in 2015, according to a study published in the American Economic Review.

A 2015 report by The Urban Institute found that a full year of rent assistance in Ohio could cost $4,800 per month to renters with a household income of less than 100 percent of poverty level, or roughly $5,400 per month with a family income of 100 percent.

The Urban Report also noted that one in three Ohio families receives some form of rent subsidy, which the agency said was “an indicator of how the rental market is set up in Ohio.”