When your dog is a pet, can you rent it out?

Hot dogs and other food are available for rent in Omaha, Nebraska, as well as in Seattle, but they can be expensive and hard to find. 

The city of Omaha is seeking out a company to rent out its dogs, which are not normally allowed to roam free outside, said Steve Tisch, a spokesman for the city’s Animal Services Department.

Tisch said the city was looking to lease about 2,000 dogs for the summer.

A person would need to be in touch with the city for an application.

Tsch said he didn’t have information on the number of dogs in the market, but he said that it could be a handful. 

He added that the city is considering adding additional facilities to its shelter, including one for pregnant women and a medical facility. 

The dogs would need access to a vet and food. 

Tisch noted that the shelter also would have to be open for business, but that the dog would have the right to roam in the city limits if he or she wanted to.