Rent a boyfriend: How much will it cost to rent an apartment in San Francisco?

How much does it cost you to rent a home in San Fran.?

That depends on where you live and how you want to live.

Rent a bedroom in San Jose?

It’s $2,400 per month, according to, which compiles and publishes monthly rent data for more than 200 cities nationwide.

Rent an apartment on the other hand, which is where most of us live, is $1,800 per month.

But the difference is not as stark as it sounds, according a report by the American Council on Rent Studies and The Rent Report.

They calculated the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the San Francisco Bay Area for rent of $2.6 million per year, which covers the median income and includes a 30 percent down payment.

That’s less than half of the $5.5 million average for rent in San Mateo County, according the report.

That’s not to say that you can’t make rent a bit more expensive, according an article published by The Rent Register.

But the median rent in the Bay Area is more than half that of San Jose, which has the lowest median rent of any of the Bay Areas, at $2 per month or less.

Renters who live in San Joaquin County, which includes San Francisco, could pay $2 to $3,000 more per month in rent than the national average, according

And renters in the other Bay Areas — including Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateos, Marin and San Francisco — could pay even more, depending on the location of the property.

The RentAveraged website calculates the rent for homes that rent for $1.1 million to $1 million.

Rents are also different in cities like Seattle and Portland, Ore.

According to the Rent Report, rents for a one-bedroom unit in Seattle are $1 per month more than the Bay, at about $3.5 to $4.5 per month per year.

The Rent Report also offers a calculator for renting a car, and it gives the average price of a car in each city, as well as its annual lease payments.

But its website shows that in Oakland, California, for example, you can rent a car for $10,000 per year and rent the car for about $16,000.

And while rents for new homes are rising, they are not as much as rents for apartments.

In 2017, the median price of an apartment for rent was $1 a month, the report found.

And for condos, the average was $3 a month.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you want a better deal, check out the RentAversary website to see what your options are.

And if you’re looking to save money and have a better lifestyle, rent a boyfriend or a boyfriend-and-girlfriend to rent from you.