When Michigan’s rent freeze will expire

Posted October 01, 2019 06:19:24 Michigan’s statewide rent freeze expires Friday.

That means if you live in one of the state’s 20 largest metro areas, you’ll be able to rent in a rental market that hasn’t changed since February 2019.

It’s been a boon for many renters, who have found new, affordable housing to rent.

Renters in cities like Detroit and Ann Arbor, for example, can now rent out their apartments for up to 50 percent below market rate.

The cap is expected to be lifted by late October, but not before landlords can begin asking tenants about their credit history.

The city of Detroit has been working on its plan to raise rents to make up for lost business, and the state has set up a fund for low-income families that’s set to expire.

But if you’re in one the city’s largest markets, you might be able grab a rent waiver for a while longer.

In Michigan, landlords can still ask tenants about a few factors, including credit history and the duration of the lease.

But the city is not expected to make those adjustments until after the freeze ends.

There’s a growing number of renters who are able to take advantage of this program, though.

The Michigan Human Rights Commission has been pushing for rent freeze exemptions for more than a year.

The group wants the cap to be waived before landlords are allowed to make changes to rental rates.

The commission also wants to increase protections for tenants who are facing eviction.

Michigan has seen a number of changes since the state imposed the rent freeze in March.

Rent is expected for the first time in 2018 and 2019, and rents have been rising for renters for years, according to a study from the University of Michigan.

The state has increased the minimum monthly payment to $1,250, and it’s also increasing the monthly rent payment to about $1.25.

Some landlords have been taking advantage of the freeze by moving tenants out of their apartments, renting them out as single-family homes or letting tenants take on tenants from other states and cities.

According to the Detroit Free Press, in January, Detroit’s rent for one-bedroom apartments was $1.,400.

But that number has gone up over the last year to $2,600, according, the newspaper reported.

In the past, Detroit has struggled to retain residents because it has a growing population of renters.

That could be changing if the cap is lifted before the state starts making changes to the housing market.