Trump administration pushes back on ‘rent relief’ bill: We’re still going to pay rent

The administration on Wednesday said it would not support a bipartisan bill to pay for the $1.9 trillion cost of mortgage relief to low-income Americans, after Democrats pushed for a measure that would provide billions of dollars for helping homeowners.

The Trump administration would oppose the proposal from Sens.

Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Tom Udall (D, N.M.), the House and Senate Democrats said in a joint statement, after they were introduced in March.

The bill, introduced by Warren and Udall, would allow homeowners to take out mortgages that are below their incomes and provide them with the financial aid they need to keep their homes.

It also would provide tax relief to help lower-income families and people who live paycheck to paycheck, with the idea that the money would be used to help families buy homes.

Warren and Udal have long opposed providing mortgage relief, arguing that it is too dependent on government action and could encourage more foreclosures.