What’s happening in baseball and NBA news?

The biggest story of the day is what is happening in the baseball and basketball world.

While there is still much to be determined about the impact of the season-ending injuries suffered by the New York Yankees and Miami Marlins, the NBA is starting to see its own set of issues and issues that could affect how it is perceived in the eyes of the fans and media.

First, there is the issue of players being fined for poor behavior.

There have been many suspensions for this sort of behavior by players, and there has been a push for a more transparent process in which the players and teams can see if any of their actions are being investigated.

Then there is an issue of suspensions that have been delayed due to the ongoing lockout.

There has been no word yet from the league on the suspensions that are currently pending, but with the current lockout, it is difficult to imagine how players can get out of the game if they are being suspended due to their poor behavior, even if they have not violated any rules.

The NBA will also be under increased scrutiny in the days to come with the news that the league is about to begin the process of creating an independent arbitrator, a position that is being held vacant by former Commissioner David Stern.

This is a major blow to the NBA’s reputation as a league that is committed to players, owners and fans.

There is no doubt that there is a growing sense of dissatisfaction in the league with Stern’s stewardship of the league, which is why he is not running for a third term at the helm of the NBA.

There are some things that could change the perception of the sport if Stern were to leave the chair, as he did when he stepped down as commissioner.

But in the meantime, the league will continue to struggle to attract players and attract them to their games.

There were some good news stories from around the league last night.

First was the fact that the Cleveland Cavaliers were one of the teams that signed All-Star center Anderson Varejao, a move that was applauded by many fans and players.

Varejo is one of a number of players who have been in the mix to join the Cavs, but they have so far had no indication that he would accept their offer.

That said, the Cavaliers also signed center Klay Thompson to a five-year contract worth up to $140 million.

Thompson is not expected to be the starting center in the Cavaliers lineup, but he is a good fit in a lot of ways.

He has great length and athleticism, and his athleticism and size make him an intriguing playmaker in the NBA right now.

Thompson has been an excellent rebounder, and he will likely take some of the pressure off LeBron James to guard him.

He also brings a toughness that many fans like and a defensive mindset that is not too far removed from the type of player that Vareja is.

The Cavs also signed free agent guard Joffrey Lauvergne, a former NBA player who is now a part-time player in Europe.

Lauverggne played for the Portland Trail Blazers in Portland and is considered a quality defender.

He is a great fit in the Cavs system.

He can play either guard spot, and could make a huge difference on defense.

He would make an excellent addition to any Cavs roster.

And lastly, the Cleveland Indians signed right guard Jason Terry, who played for teams in the Eastern Conference, including the Cleveland Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs.

Terry, like Varejiao, has been in discussions with other teams and could potentially be on his way out of Cleveland if he doesn’t sign a long-term deal.

Terry is a very versatile player who has a lot to offer the Indians, but is expected to play more guard in the future.

Terry’s signing has not been announced, but we are still waiting for a decision from the Indians on whether or not he will be on the roster in 2017.

Terry has not played a game in the major leagues since the start of the 2015 season, so it is unclear whether or how he will fit in with Cleveland.

If Terry is indeed going to sign, it would be an enormous boost to the Indians roster, especially if he can continue to contribute on the defensive end of the floor and also add some toughness.

This should be a huge boost for the Indians to their roster, but if Terry is unable to sign his deal, it could be a major disappointment for fans.

Next up, the Chicago White Sox signed outfielder Jose Abreu to a two-year, $12 million contract, which could mean a big jump for the team’s payroll.

This will be Abreus’ first major deal after his first season in the majors, so he will get a lot out of his contract.

Abreuzos ability to hit left-handed pitching is a plus, and this will likely be the team he joins in right field.

However, it seems like the Sox are still looking for more production out of Abreudas bat, and with