What’s next for the NYC startup scene

TechCrunch is reporting that there’s a lot of buzz about an incubator in the heart of Manhattan called NYC Rental.

We’ve heard from several sources that the company is looking to expand its business to include commercial and residential rental units.

The founders of NYC Rotal are Alex Janssen and Jens Stoltenberg, and their cofounder has a background in software development, including a spot in a startup called RealtyTrac.

Their goal is to create a rental business that offers tenants and homeowners an easy way to find and rent an apartment.

The company is currently looking to raise $500,000, which would help cover expenses, according to its website.

“It’s an opportunity to help solve the housing crisis,” said Janssens brother, Alex, in a press release.

“In the city of New York, we need to develop and build solutions that address housing issues, not just in New York City but across the country.”

In a video on the company’s website, Jansson and Stoltsberger explained how they came to the idea for NYC Rotation, which is similar to the Realty Trac model.

NYC Ratic is looking for new investors to help it get off the ground.

The team has already raised $100,000 in seed funding, which they’ve used to help fund their company.

NYCRental currently rents apartments for up to $600 per month.

It is currently in the process of hiring a staff to help with its marketing, product, and service.

NYC rents an average of 20% of its properties each year, but rents out most of them for $1,200 per month, according the company.

“We’re going to work with local organizations and start building a network of partners,” Janses brother said.

“When we get a big enough partner, we’ll be able to get out there and sell our services.”

Jansens brother said the company has secured a lease for a building in the Upper West Side that they plan to use for their offices.

“Our goal is that we have an entire office space with offices, and then a lot more office space,” he said.

The office space is being leased for $5,000 a month, but the company plans to expand into other buildings to help meet demand for their services.

The website also says that the founders have a business plan that includes building “a platform to connect landlords, homeowners, and renters.”

They are working with an industry group to help them plan their business strategy.

They are currently working on building an advertising campaign to promote the business, but said that they will work with the city to help build their marketing efforts.

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