Which movies are your favorite to rent out?

I’ve always had an interest in renting out movies, but I have never actually done it before.

I recently bought a small movie theater in my hometown of Nashville, TN, and it has made me feel like I can afford to rent movies on a regular basis.

So, here’s what I’ve been up to since opening the theater: – Renting out a movie theater to rent the movie out to friends and family.

– Rent out a small theater and renting movies to other people on a daily basis.

– Releasing movies to Amazon Prime subscribers.

– Buying a movie ticket on Amazon Prime to buy a movie on a whim.

– Sharing movies with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

– Watching a movie online while listening to music while at work.

– Streaming movies on Spotify.

– And now, I’m sharing my tips for renting out your own home theater, with this video: I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you have any questions, let me know!

Thanks for reading!