Why the rent is going up for everyone in Ireland

Rent is rising in many parts of the country, with a rise in prices for properties in the capital Dublin and the north of Ireland and elsewhere in the country.

The figures, released by the Central Statistics Office, showed rents in the capitals of Dublin, Belfast and Cork rose by 0.2% to €819 a month, an increase of 0.7% in the last 12 months.

They also showed rents increased in all parts of Ireland except for the west of the county, which rose by 2.1%.

“This is a good time for all landlords to be on notice that rents are likely to rise further as this is a new financial climate,” the CSA said in a statement.

Rents for properties outside Dublin increased by 0,2%, while rents in central Dublin went up 0.3%.

In the west, where rents rose by 4.5%, rents in other areas also increased.

The CSA did not give the average rent in those areas.

Rent rises in some parts of Scotland are also likely to cause concern, the Csa said, with prices rising by 2% in Perth and 1.3% in Edinburgh.

The rent rises are likely partly due to the new tax on landlords.

A new tax of up to 1% will be introduced in July, with the effect of a 10% tax on properties with an assessed value of more than €1m.

The government is looking to make the levy effective from July 1, 2020, when the tax will be paid on rents over €3,000.

The rate of increase for rent is now set to rise from 3% to 4% from April 1, 2021.