Why we rent cars and not just rent houses

Why we buy houses instead of renting?

Is it because they’re less expensive?

Is there some kind of hidden bias that forces us to choose the former over the latter? 

The answer is a little bit of both. 

For starters, renting is more expensive.

It costs more to own a house than it does to buy a house. 

And it costs more than renting to buy the property. 

If we were renting a house, we would be paying $2,400 a year to rent a property, according to data from Zillow. 

So the cost of buying a house is actually much lower than the cost that renting costs. 

But it’s not just the price of the property that makes a difference. 

We pay more for electricity, gas and water, according a recent study from The Commonwealth Fund. 

The cost of electricity is higher than the price we pay for renting the property, and water is more than twice the cost we pay. 

And the cost to rent the property is much higher than it is for buying it. 

There are also environmental impacts associated with renting. 

While the cost is higher in buying a property and buying the land, the land costs are also higher when we buy the house.

So if you buy the land and then sell it, the environmental impact of the land is higher. 

So, for instance, buying a home and then selling it will cause a bigger environmental impact than buying and renting a property.

And so is buying and building a house a better investment than renting? 

If the answer is yes, the answer should be no. 

For starters, most people will buy a home only if they are willing to pay the higher price. 

Secondly, there are environmental impacts when we rent a house and then buy a property (and, indeed, if you can’t sell your property and rent the land). 

And thirdly, the fact that you buy a mortgage at a higher interest rate than you pay on your mortgage can also make you pay more in interest than you would if you owned the house and rented it.

So, when it comes to buying and then renting, it’s more important to consider the environmental impacts of each option than it’s to just decide on one over the other. 

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